Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutter

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General Information

Table Size: 4′-0″ x 8′-0″

Max Material Thickness: 3/4″

Minimum Spacing Between Parts: 1/4″


The Lab Coordinator will provide assistance to users when using the CNC plasma cutter. Users are responsible for exporting two dimensional geometry in an acceptable format. Due to the toolpath programming software being limited to a USB dongle, programming can only occur on one computer at a time.

A detailed PDF tutorial guide is available to give an overview of the programming process. It’s recommended that users review this guide before exporting their geometry. The Lab Coordinator will assist with the creation of the toolpaths and will check all toolpath programming. Once toolpaths are checked, the Lab Coordinator will assist users with configuring the machine, loading material, and executing the job.

Please Note: File checks are NOT done via email.


At the Conception of a Project:

  1. Visit website to determine machine limitations, tools, acceptable materials, etc
  2. Review the Torchmate CAD CAM PDF guide online to gain an understanding of what geometry is required, and how that geometry is arranged in Rhino for the Torchmate CAD CAM to operate correctly.  
  3. Users may schedule an appointment with the Lab Coordinator to discuss feasibility and possible solutions for their project.

Preparing 2D geometry for Toolpathing:

  1. Have all necessary geometry required for the toolpath process cleanly modeled in Rhino.
  2. All geometry must be closed planer curves. Export geometry from Rhino as .dxf and save as either “2004 Polylines” or “2007 Polylines”
  3. Save .dxf file(s) to USB drive.

File Checks & Programming Toolpaths:

  1. Once users feel they have sufficiently exported their geometry, they may email to schedule a file check appointment.
  2. Please obtain material stock prior to the file check. Bring material stock.
  3. Bring .dxf file(s) on a USB drive. 
  4. All parameters of the toolpaths will be verified for conformance with lab policies and safety protocols. Minor adjustments and edits may be performed during the file check appointments. If major revisions are needed, users will need to come back for another file check after revisions are completed.
  5. If toolpaths are successfully created, an appointment can be scheduled to run the job. CNC cutting appointments must be scheduled in advanced and are not scheduled the same business day that the file check occurs.

CNC Appointment:

  1. Arrive 5 mins prior to your appointment.
  2. Bring your RebelCard and material stock. Ensure there are sufficient funds prior to your appointment.
  3. Users are required to monitor the job and to clean up.
  4. Your RebelCard will be charged at the end of the appointment.

Safety Guidelines for CNC Plasma Cutter

Safety Guidelines

Acceptable and Prohibited Materials

CNC Plasma Cutter Materials

Arranging Parts

There should be a minimum spacing of ¼” between parts and a minimum ½” margin around the perimeter of the stock.

Torchmate CAD CAM Information & Guide

Torchmate CAD CAM