Flashforge Creator Pro

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General Information

Number of Printers: 1

Maximum Build Volume: 227mm (8.9″) x 148mm (5.8″) x 150mm (5.9″) (L x W x H)

Available Layer Heights: 0.1mm (0.004″) – 0.3mm (0.012″)

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (0.069″)

Filament types: PLA or ABS


The desktop 3D printers are available to users at no cost. Users must supply their own filament and consumables. Additionally, users must be present at all times while using the desktop 3D printers. If printers are found to be unattended and the user cannot be located, the print will be terminated. 

Please Note: The desktop 3D printers are available on a first come first serve basis. 


Prior to Printing:

  1. Obtain the correct filament for the desktop 3D printers. Filament specs are located on the Digital Fabrication Lab website. 
  2. Download the corresponding slicing software online to prepare models for printing. 
  3. Save gcode files on a SD card. SD cards are available in ARC 161.

Day of Printing:

  1. Visit the lab during regular hours to have a Lab student employee unlock ARC 161.
  2. Users are welcomed to stay in ARC 161 for as long as they would like as long as they are monitoring their print jobs. 
  3. Printed instruction guides are available in ARC 161 for each 3D printer.

Safety Guidelines

3D Printer Safety Guidelines



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